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Last update: 八月 03, 2019


You wish to book your Inca Trail trek for the next season 2023, congratulations!


You choose the trekking options.

You indicate the duration of the trek (2 or 4 days) and the number of participants, as well as your name and email. Nothing else! Our system immediately indicates the amount of the deposit to be paid. The amount is fixed and will be deduced from the total amount of the trek.


You pay the indicated deposit.

Our secure site allows you to pay directly by credit or debit card.


Your pre-reservation is available at any time.

At any time, you can access Customer Service to indicate the trek and participant information. We will send you some reminder emails to ask you to complete this information. You have up to 8 days before the opening of the next season (usually around October) to complete your reservation. Once completed, the total is calculated on the basis of the 2022 prices and we indicate the balance you will have to pay.


The new season 2023 begins.

The season 2023 begins, we book immediately your hike with the indicated information. Your booking and your hike are 100% secure.


You start your trip to Peru.

1 or 2 days before your trek, we wait for you at our agency in Cusco to pay the balance.

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