Ticket Machu Picchu

购买门票 1

Available dates for the tickets:
  • Machu Picchu only: Availability from 十月 26, 2020
  • Machu Picchu + Wayna Picchu: Availability from 十月 26, 2020
  • Machu + Machu Mountain: Availability from 十月 26, 2020
  • See the availability

    入场券有15种。 1种类型的票证对特定类型的服务,特定的进入时间和给定日期(更多信息)有效

    Here on Step 1 you must indicate the different tickets you want for all participants. For example Machu Picchu on day 1 and Machu Picchu + Wayna Picchu on day 2. In this case, please use the 添加日期/时间 button. In step 2 you will indicate the number of visitors. All visitors will have the same tickets you choose here.
    Accepted Cards:
    我们只接受从十月 26开始的访问购买
    By clicking here you can add an entrance to the museum if you want to visit it before noon. If you visit it in the afternoon, you should not add it because the entrance is free